The Six Best Amazon Keyword Tools

written on 08-Saturday-02-20

An Amazon keyword tool is an important piece of software, capable of enhancing the overall performance of your business. These essential tools make it possible to research the keywords necessary to stand your ground in the Amazon-related market. And why? Because Amazon keyword search in the A9 search engine is important, and it has a somewhat different algorithm compared to the big whales like Bing or Google.

We are going to take a quick look at the best keyword research tool for Amazon, organized into two top lists: paid and free research tools.

Top Paid Keyword Research Tools

Since Amazon SEO is quite different from your usual SEO, it's utterly important to have the best software to handle it. The list below is based on the users' opinions, our own experience, and the developers' claims. The three amazon keyword tools are the best ones among the paid Amazon SEO plugins.

IO Scout

The JungleScout is the "jack of all trades" among the Amazon keyword research tools. This sophisticated software has many features. Aside from the keyword-related options you can take advantage of, the Jungle Scout grants you the following features:

  1. Product Database
  2. Tracking
  3. Suppliers' database
  4. Sales Analytics
  5. Inventory manager
  6. Keyword tools
  7. Extension for Chrome

IOScout has a monthly subscription, but you can save with the annual contract:

  1. Web software is $39/month (annual).
  2. Web software and its extension is $49/month (annual).
  3. Extension only: $19/month (annual)

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Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a large fish, and it offers software and management tools too. The Viral Launch software has a long list of features, and with the different plans, more distinct features are unlocked. 

The plans are the following:

- Pro: for people in business, this is the first option. It includes all the required features, with keyword related options like searching, automating, keyword tracking. The yearly plan sets you back with $83/month.

- Brand Builder: the limits of trackable top selling products, ASINs' listing analytics, daily and hourly Amazon keyword ranking tracking are higher. Brand Builder sets you back by $125/month with an annual plan.

- Kinetic: The options are mostly the same as with Brand Builder, but you also get more detailed PPC data, and you can set up an automatic PPC strategy. All for a price of $166 per month paid annually.

Note: most of these solutions are only for US marketers!

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Helium 10

Helium 10 is a great Amazon keyword planner tool, which also offers you a large selection of amazing Amazon SEO tools. Helium 10's capabilities are convincing. The Cerebro keyword research tool is a must-have if you plan on maximizing your profits. The same goes for the Helium 10 Magnet2 Amazon keyword research tool.

Paid plans start with the Platinum Plan, which comes at a $970 per year, and grants you access to all Helium 10 tools: Black Box, Magnet2, Cerebro, Frankenstein… and these are the keyword tools only! With the Diamond Plan, you have the chance to skyrocket your business with professional tools and support, for a price of $1970 for a year. For a full list of features, you should visit the Helium 10 website.

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Top Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

For newbies, these are the best Amazon keyword research tools to help you to learn how to choose keywords on Amazon.

Keywords Everywhere

It's an excellent choice, as it's a neat Chrome and Firefox extension, which grants on-page on-demand keyword analytics, along with keyword suggestions with monthly search volume. 

Amazon Autocomplete

The Amazon Autocomplete helps to find the answer to the question: What are people searching for on Amazon? This isn't a standalone software, it's part of Amazon's search engine, just like Google Autocomplete. There are several tools to access data from this autocomplete in an exportable format.

Google Keyword Planner

Today Google is the alpha and the omega in the search and keyword business. This free Amazon keyword tool allows you to research keywords for your product pages and discover the keywords to bid on for Google Ads campaigns.

Final Word

A good Amazon keywords generator is hard to find, but you have to learn how to choose keywords for Amazon. The Amazon keyword tracker tools listed for this article are indisputably the top choices, and though some might seem expensive, they are just as necessary for success.


What are Amazon Keywords?

Amazon keywords are the search queries users enter when they are looking for something on Amazon.

How many keywords can you use on Amazon?

Several, however, stuffing your product description isn't a good idea.

What is SEO on Amazon?

Amazon SEO is the technology that helps users to find the product they are looking for. This includes keywords, products, and review authenticity.

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