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written on 20-Thursday-02-20

Getting your product on the market and providing its visibility and sales is the biggest challenge. JumpSend will take care of it. Since 2019 it became part of Jungle Scout software, and is currently renominated to "Launch". Let’s see what JumpSend can do for your spectacular Amazon career. It’s worth having a glance at this Jumpsend review.

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What is JumpSend? 

Jungle Scout's real pride is its research tool. But there are more, for example, Launch (aka JumpSend Amazon), used by a plenitude of sellers. What is Jump Send and how does it work? The most important part are the two main features. The first concerns Amazon giveaways. How does it work? Amazon ranks products based on sales and hangs them out on the first page for everyone to see and to generate even more income. When you are just launching your product sale, and you want your item to score high, you may need to invest in discount coupons in Seller Central 50-99%. Is it all? Watch out carefully, Jumpsend enters the game just now. You need to find shoppers interested in your product. JumpSend deals is a page where all the discounted items are displayed and highlighted. With 100,000 bargain hunters, you won't miss your merchandise being viewed for sure! The next proficient feature is a follow-up email sent automatically each time your customer acquires an item, asking them to rate it. At this initial stage, you’ll need reviews like you need air, so you'll appreciate this feature. 

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How is Launch Different From Jump Send? 

Knowing the news, you are probably asking yourself if there is any difference between the previous JumpSend and the newest Launch by Jungle Scout. One thing that has changed is the "backend" side of JumpSend. While it remains the same for the customer, sellers will find the name "Launch" applied to the software. All the features stay still.

Final Thoughts 

Amazon sellers will appreciate the goal that JumpSend has accomplished. The software found a unique way to increase revenues by getting its users more sales and reviews. Boosting Amazon business activity in a number of ways with just one app has no price, it's really worth giving it a try!


Is there a free trial?

There is an option but be aware that you'll be asked to provide credit card details and set up an account. There is no trial period without proper registration. You'll also have to be fast - software free trial lasts only three days.  

How do I cancel my account?

That's pretty easy. You receive a potential cancellation link at the end of every billing period. After clicking it, your subscription expires with no further actions. Otherwise, you can also contact [email protected] and conduct cancellation in person. 

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