JumpSend Review

written on 20-Thursday-02-20

Getting your product on the market and providing its visibility and sales is the biggest challenge. JumpSend will take care of it. Since 2019 it became part of Jungle Scout software, and is currently renominated to "Launch". Let’s see what JumpSend can do for your spectacular Amazon career. It’s worth having a glance at this Jumpsend review.

jumpsend amazon

What is JumpSend? 

Jungle Scout's real pride is its research tool. But there are more, for example, Launch (aka JumpSend Amazon), used by a plenitude of sellers. What is Jump Send and how does it work? The most important part are the two main features. The first concerns Amazon giveaways. How does it work? Amazon ranks products based on sales and hangs them out on the first page for everyone to see and to generate even more income. When you are just launching your product sale, and you want your item to score high, you may need to invest in discount coupons in Seller Central 50-99%. Is it all? Watch out carefully, Jumpsend enters the game just now. You need to find shoppers interested in your product. JumpSend deals is a page where all the discounted items are displayed and highlighted. With 100,000 bargain hunters, you won't miss your merchandise being viewed for sure! The next proficient feature is a follow-up email sent automatically each time your customer acquires an item, asking them to rate it. At this initial stage, you’ll need reviews like you need air, so you'll appreciate this feature. 

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How is Launch Different From Jump Send? 

Knowing the news, you are probably asking yourself if there is any difference between the previous JumpSend and the newest Launch by Jungle Scout. One thing that has changed is the "backend" side of JumpSend. While it remains the same for the customer, sellers will find the name "Launch" applied to the software. All the features stay still.

Final Thoughts 

Amazon sellers will appreciate the goal that JumpSend has accomplished. The software found a unique way to increase revenues by getting its users more sales and reviews. Boosting Amazon business activity in a number of ways with just one app has no price, it's really worth giving it a try!


Is there a free trial?

There is an option but be aware that you'll be asked to provide credit card details and set up an account. There is no trial period without proper registration. You'll also have to be fast - software free trial lasts only three days.  

How do I cancel my account?

That's pretty easy. You receive a potential cancellation link at the end of every billing period. After clicking it, your subscription expires with no further actions. Otherwise, you can also contact [email protected] and conduct cancellation in person. 

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FBA Calculator – An Intensive Guide

written on 15-Saturday-02-20

Accurately calculating the fees you will pay is essential to running any type of enterprise. Firstly, it helps you know whether the product you are about to invest in will make profits. Secondly, it helps ensure that you're not losing money after the product's launch due to avoidable miscalculations.

As an Amazon seller, there is one tool that can assist you in doing these two things: FBA calculator.

Defining an FBA Calculator?

The Amazon FBA calculator is a tool that allows sellers on Amazon to figure out if using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or their own fulfillment method is profitable. It takes into account two fees: the cost of order fulfillment by Amazon and the cost of storing the products at Amazon's fulfillment centers every month.

These two are based on the weight and dimension of the product. In most cases, after the Seller uses the Amazon FBA revenue calculator, they usually always find out that using the Amazon FBA is much cheaper than going at it alone.

The Key Benefits of Using an FBA Calculator

As mentioned earlier, the FBA calculator for Amazon assists sellers in two major ways:

Helps You Pick a Profitable Product

Amazon is a huge marketplace with millions of businesses selling millions of products. There is stiff competition, meaning businesses that find a profitable product with less competition are more likely to survive.

By using an FBA calculator for Amazon, a seller can see if a product will make them a profit if they choose to use FBA. They can compare the FBA fees with FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant) fees as well, helping them to further choose which fulfillment opportunity is better for them.

Helps You Make Sure You Aren’t Losing Money

Amazon FBA fees aren’t static, and they may go up so high that it requires you to choose whether to increase the product's price or abandon the market. Either way, this will make sure that you aren’t losing money. Besides that, this can assist you in adjusting your prices to make sure that you can keep customers happy through discounts and sales while still remaining profitable.

Disadvantages of Using an FBA Calculator

The biggest disadvantage of using an FBA calculator is that you can’t rely on its results 100%. Although the calculators try to be as accurate as possible, the figures they give you have a margin of error. This means they should best be used as a guide instead of something you must absolutely abide by.

Top 3 Free FBA Calculators

If you are looking for an FBA profit calculator, there are quite a number of them. But there are a number of free alternatives that may be better for you.

Here are the top three:

1. IO Scout

fba calculator\

On the IO Scout website, you will find their free FBA calculator you can use it free couple times and then enter your name and email address, you will be sent a link to access the calculator. It is a field where you enter information, such as front costs, fixed costs and variable costs, and the calculator will give you your true profits.

Amazon even has its very own FBA calculator, which you can use for free too.


amazon calculator fba

AMZScout also has a free FBA calculator on its website that you can use. However, we can all admit that it can get tiresome to constantly switch between the Amazon page for the product you are examining and the website where the calculator resides. To make it more convenient for you, AMZScout has provided an Amazon FBA calculator extension.

Viral Launch

fba profit calculator

Viral Launch has one of the best free FBA calculators one can use. You just have to go to the website and enter the product URL or ASIN, and that’s it. You can even compare up to three products to see which ones will be more profitable for you on Amazon FBA.

Final Thoughts

An FBA calculator is an invaluable tool for any Amazon seller who is thinking of joining the FBA program to make the most profits. While they are not 100% accurate, they eliminate a lot of guesswork. And when you are in a hyper-competitive selling environment like Amazon, you need all the information you can get.

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A Brief Lowdown on CamelCamelCamel

written on 11-Tuesday-02-20

Amazon merchants looking to sell products at the best price will absolutely love CamelCamelCamel . Tailored for Amazon merchants, this tool gives quick and accurate analysis of your competitor’s prices. But what exactly are the features of CamelCamelCamel? How does it work? Well, that is what we are going to find out in this CamelCamelCamel review.  

How Does This Work?   

As previously mentioned, this is a price tracking tool that offers quick, real-time alerts about drops in price. The best part: you will find a detailed price history of all the items available on Amazon. The interface of this tool is extremely user-friendly, and given the incredible perks, it’s certainly a great pick for all sellers.  The biggest highlight of this web application is probably the fact that it doesn’t merely update you about the price, but also keeps you informed about the latest pricing trends. This way, you can set the best price for your products and stand an edge ahead of your rivals.      

fba fee calculator

Price Plan  

This tool is available for free. Yes, one can use all the features of this software without having to pay a penny. While other software offering similar services range from $50 to a whopping $400, CamelCamelCamel will offer alerts about price drop, detailed analysis of pricing history, dedicated options for tracking products, and more without charging any money. 

Sellers just need to visit the official website of sign up with personal details. Once you’re done registering, your Amazon account can be linked to this tool. After this, the application and its features can be fully accessed.   


CamelCamelCamel app is a solid tool for tracking the fluctuating prices. It won’t just help track price, but also plays a major role in monitoring cost of a product and overall cost-based tendencies.  The biggest perk of this app is the price drop alert that is quite simple and straightforward. The feature can be accessed by adding the price the seller wants to stay updated about. The number be added via the CamelCamelCamel API. The best part: this feature and every other feature can be easily availed from the software’s chrome extension.

 The Camelizer

Like we already told you, CamelCamelCamel comes with a dedicated Chrome extension. Popularly called the Camelizer, this tool assists in assessing overall price history of a product and subsequent pricing drops .  Once the chrome extension is installed, sellers will get instant updates on how exactly the cost tends to vary. This way, one can make better assumptions depending on the tool’s charts. It is worth noting that this is also an excellent tool for analysing the process of setting price both by the eCommerce giant as well as third parties.  If you’re willing to check the price history of a specific product while continuing to stay on CamelCamelCamel’s homepage, you will almost DEFINITELY need this add-on. Simply visit the Chrome marketplace, search for the tool, and install it. Once you’re done installing, click the ‘Camel’ option in the toolbar. You can also use this tool on Mozilla.  Sadly, this add-on is no longer available for Mac users. If you have a Mac device, get Google Chrome to avail all the benefits you’re looking for. Whether it’s exploring the products or assessing the history- this tool will help you with both.  Unlike other similar tools, CamelCamelCamel won’t just update you about the price, but it will also inform you about the smallest details like the 'time' of the price change and more.   

Synchronization of Wishlist   

The is yet another top highlight of this product. You can always use the CamelCamelCamel Amazon for creating a complete Amazon wish-list. Once you’re done with the wish-list, you can almost instantly sync it to your camel account.  In addition to the wish-list creation feature, you can also access the price watching list. When you buy a certain product from the Camelizer wish-list, the label will almost instantly update to ‘purchased’.  Using the wishlist feature is equally simple. All you need to do is take the URL of your Amazon wishlist. Next, add it to the URL option of the camel tool. The moment you complete this step, you'd get instant updates of the items from your list.  The tool will thoroughly monitor the prices and inform you every time there’s a change. This feature is ingenious, to say the least, and we loved it for the quick, real-time updates.   


 If you are not looking to use the google extension of CamelCamelCamel or are finding it complex, the Bookmarklet might be a better option for you. This option makes the camel tool both convenient and effective. The best part: it acts as an ideal replacement for the original chrome extension.  You can access the Bookmarklet by dragging the camel camel camel x 3 icon to the bookmark section. You will be instantly redirected to the product page the moment you click the camels. At this point, you can check the price history of your preferred products and also monitor price changes.   

Alerts for Price Drop   

As you probably know, this is the best feature of the application. Thanks to this tweak, you will be informed every time there’s a price plunge of your targeted or listed products. It will also update you about sales.  If you register on Camel’s website, you will have the option of checking these price trends either via Twitter alerts or email. This way, you’ll always be updated about the best deals.  This is an excellent feature for the Amazon sellers who source items from global suppliers. If you’re someone like this, use this feature to fill up your stocks when the cost of an item is at its lowest low.    

Price History Charts for Amazon   

Another excellent functionality of CamelCamelCamel is that it gives you complete authority to check the price history chart of the eCommerce giant. With this tweak, you will get a quick and simple graphical representation of an item’s overall pricing changes. This eliminates the possibility of having to go through long reports.  The best part of this feature is the fact that both old and new amazon merchants can conveniently check price variations across Amazon and every leading third-party portal. In addition to the pricing chart, you will also get a proper sales rank. If at any stage, the pricing details seem old/dated, the seller will have an option to get updated details by clicking the ‘request update’ tab.  Twitter Notification  In 2009, the Camel tool came with a new update. As per this update, users would have the option of receiving notifications about price changes via Twitter. This is indeed an excellent update, given the fact that most of us are social-media savvy. Just enter your Twitter username for the job. The app won't ask for your password. Once you're done sending the username, you will have the option of receiving public or private messages. With the former option, you won’t be tagged with your username, and the private option will ensure you get a direct message.   

 Final Thoughts  

Overall, the CamelCamelCamel seems like an excellent tool for staying notified and duly updated about all price change reports. The offerings are great and given the fact that you access them for free, we will certainly recommend this. Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, this is one of the best ways to stay updated about the old and new price trends. Amazon sellers can also leverage this tool to set the right price against their chosen products. The interface of this tool is quite simple and since it only requires you to sign up and link your Amazon account, we will surely recommend this.       


 Q. How to check the cost of a product?    

A. The price of every product is checked once in two to three hours. The tool ensures that billions of items are duly monitored, and sellers get all the updates they need. It is worth noting that CamelCamelCamel products are ranked categories. While one of them have items without price watches, the other one has items with at least one price watch. So, all the items will be prioritized and kept in a list after which the system will begin its job.    

Q. Can I monitor the cost changes?    

A. Take the URL of the product and key it on Camel's toolbar. Once you do this, you’d be instantly redirected to a new page that allows you to set a price. You can choose any price starting from $0.01. After entering the price, click the ‘Start Tracking’ option. You’d now receive notifications about price updates.    

Q. What should I do for deactivating Twitter alerts?    

 A. Click the ‘Notifications’ tab under the ‘Settings tab’. Next, click ‘Disable’ under the ‘Twitter’ tab to disable these alerts.

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The Six Best Amazon Keyword Tools

written on 08-Saturday-02-20

An Amazon keyword tool is an important piece of software, capable of enhancing the overall performance of your business. These essential tools make it possible to research the keywords necessary to stand your ground in the Amazon-related market. And why? Because Amazon keyword search in the A9 search engine is important, and it has a somewhat different algorithm compared to the big whales like Bing or Google.

We are going to take a quick look at the best keyword research tool for Amazon, organized into two top lists: paid and free research tools.

Top Paid Keyword Research Tools

Since Amazon SEO is quite different from your usual SEO, it's utterly important to have the best software to handle it. The list below is based on the users' opinions, our own experience, and the developers' claims. The three amazon keyword tools are the best ones among the paid Amazon SEO plugins.

IO Scout

The JungleScout is the "jack of all trades" among the Amazon keyword research tools. This sophisticated software has many features. Aside from the keyword-related options you can take advantage of, the Jungle Scout grants you the following features:

  1. Product Database
  2. Tracking
  3. Suppliers' database
  4. Sales Analytics
  5. Inventory manager
  6. Keyword tools
  7. Extension for Chrome

IOScout has a monthly subscription, but you can save with the annual contract:

  1. Web software is $39/month (annual).
  2. Web software and its extension is $49/month (annual).
  3. Extension only: $19/month (annual)

amazon keyword optimization

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a large fish, and it offers software and management tools too. The Viral Launch software has a long list of features, and with the different plans, more distinct features are unlocked. 

The plans are the following:

- Pro: for people in business, this is the first option. It includes all the required features, with keyword related options like searching, automating, keyword tracking. The yearly plan sets you back with $83/month.

- Brand Builder: the limits of trackable top selling products, ASINs' listing analytics, daily and hourly Amazon keyword ranking tracking are higher. Brand Builder sets you back by $125/month with an annual plan.

- Kinetic: The options are mostly the same as with Brand Builder, but you also get more detailed PPC data, and you can set up an automatic PPC strategy. All for a price of $166 per month paid annually.

Note: most of these solutions are only for US marketers!

amazon keyword tracker

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a great Amazon keyword planner tool, which also offers you a large selection of amazing Amazon SEO tools. Helium 10's capabilities are convincing. The Cerebro keyword research tool is a must-have if you plan on maximizing your profits. The same goes for the Helium 10 Magnet2 Amazon keyword research tool.

Paid plans start with the Platinum Plan, which comes at a $970 per year, and grants you access to all Helium 10 tools: Black Box, Magnet2, Cerebro, Frankenstein… and these are the keyword tools only! With the Diamond Plan, you have the chance to skyrocket your business with professional tools and support, for a price of $1970 for a year. For a full list of features, you should visit the Helium 10 website.

amazon keywords

Top Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

For newbies, these are the best Amazon keyword research tools to help you to learn how to choose keywords on Amazon.

Keywords Everywhere

It's an excellent choice, as it's a neat Chrome and Firefox extension, which grants on-page on-demand keyword analytics, along with keyword suggestions with monthly search volume. 

Amazon Autocomplete

The Amazon Autocomplete helps to find the answer to the question: What are people searching for on Amazon? This isn't a standalone software, it's part of Amazon's search engine, just like Google Autocomplete. There are several tools to access data from this autocomplete in an exportable format.

Google Keyword Planner

Today Google is the alpha and the omega in the search and keyword business. This free Amazon keyword tool allows you to research keywords for your product pages and discover the keywords to bid on for Google Ads campaigns.

Final Word

A good Amazon keywords generator is hard to find, but you have to learn how to choose keywords for Amazon. The Amazon keyword tracker tools listed for this article are indisputably the top choices, and though some might seem expensive, they are just as necessary for success.


What are Amazon Keywords?

Amazon keywords are the search queries users enter when they are looking for something on Amazon.

How many keywords can you use on Amazon?

Several, however, stuffing your product description isn't a good idea.

What is SEO on Amazon?

Amazon SEO is the technology that helps users to find the product they are looking for. This includes keywords, products, and review authenticity.

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What to Sell on Amazon - Finding Profitable Products

written on 04-Tuesday-02-20

The dream of all Amazon businesses is to find products that will turn a profit. However, finding what to sell on Amazon is far from easy. But, luckily, it is not impossible. So keep on reading on how to find the best products to sell on Amazon and make profits.

What are the Top Selling Categories on Amazon?

When looking for what to sell on amazon to make money, it is always a good idea to look at the best selling categories. With over 45 million products on Amazon, this can help you narrow down your search.

Toys & Games

what can you sell on amazon

Modern life has become so busy that we no longer find it worthwhile to journey to a physical store to buy games for game night or toys for our kids. This means many people are turning to online stores. This category is the best place to find items to sell on Amazon because it offers people a wide selection and the convenience of door-step delivery.


what to sell on amazon to make money

Electronics will never go out of fashion, but you should be prepared to compete with a lot of biggest brands here. As you can see, one of your big competitors here will be Amazon itself. You might have a long way to go to reach the stage of profitability.

Camera & Photo

things to sell on amazon

This category is versatile, offering cameras and accessories that can cover a wide variety of applications. This includes everything from home security to taking the perfect selfie. You won’t have to worry too much about big names when looking for what to sell on Amazon in this category.

Video Games

things to sell on amazon

While you’d expect the biggest sellers in this category to be games and accessories, it seems the biggest sellers are gift cards. People would rather give gift cards to family and friends to buy the games they want.


What to Sell on Amazon

Selling books on Amazon is perhaps one of the easiest things one can do – plus, people love them. The best thing you can do to enter this niche is either publish your own book or sell used books. Either way, there is money to be made here.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

best product to sell on amazon

People will always need clothes. On top of that, clothes are easier to make and source than products in other categories. While there is potential for great profit here, you’re also looking at fierce competition.

How to Choose What to Sell on Amazon FBA

So now that you know which categories to find things to sell on Amazon and make profits are, how do you actually pick a product? Here are a few tips.

Create Your Own Product

If you search for a specific product on Amazon and find that it is not there, perhaps this is an untapped market. If you have a problem, chances are many people also have it and are looking for a solution. Provide a solution.

Find High-Selling Products With Low Competition

Lots of competition is an indication that there are profits to be made in a market. However, it is hard to tell from the get-go how much of that market share you command. Search for products that sell well but don’t have too many people selling them.

Target Impulse Buyers

You’d want to sell products that people will buy on a whim. This means anything under $100 should be in the right range. At the same time, you don’t want it to be too cheap to make them question the quality. So anything above $10 should be fine.

Find Products that Encourage Repeat Purchases

Every business owner knows that repeat customers bring the most business than new customers. So you will want to sell products that keep people coming back for more instead of making a once-off purchase.

Choose Durable and Lightweight Products

First off, you need to sell products that won’t break after a few uses. If you do, you will incur the wrath of angry customers, which will be reflected by your rating. Secondly, you will want to sell products that are lightweight, especially something that can fit in a shoebox. This will make FBA shipping costs easier for both you and the customer.

Use IO Scout

IO Scout is one of the top tools to help you find the best things to sell on Amazon. You can use the Product Database to find profitable products. It has plenty of filters, allowing you to narrow down your searched based on a number of parameters, from category and price to customer review and weight. You don’t have to do it manually.

what to sell on amazon to make money

Top 3 Online Places to Source Products to Sell on Amazon

While there are many places to source products online, here are the top three places that many people use:

  1. AliExpress
  2. Wholesale2B
  3. InventorySource
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How to Sell Books on Amazon - An Ultimate Guide

written on 30-Thursday-01-20

When you think of Amazon, the first thing that comes in your mind is the biggest online retailer. Right? But what most people are not aware of is that when amazon was founded it was actually a platform for selling books whether old or new and now it is one of the most popular sites for selling or buying books.

selling books on amazon

Do you have a lot of books on the shelf that you just don’t read anymore? Or do you write books and want to earn money through them? Well, selling books on Amazon is the best idea.

If you want to learn how to sell books on amazon, this article is the right place for you.

3 Reasons for selling books to amazon

Easy way to Earn Money

Without a doubt, it is a very easy and efficient way of earning money online. Instead of disposing of your books you can actually earn by selling used books on amazon without putting too much effort. Isn’t it amazing?

A Great Platform to Sell books

Since Amazon is a very popular and trusted site, many people buy books through it. So if you are selling books in this marketplace, you can reach more customers and hence earn more money.

Amazon FBA

This is a great service for sellers by Amazon. If you choose to use this service, Amazon will be responsible for your books’ packing and shipping.

3 Ways to Sell Books

Below are different ways of selling books on the largest book selling platform that is Amazon.

Exchange your books

The trade-in program allows you to sell books to amazon but instead of cash, you will get Amazon gift cards in return. This is a great way to exchange your old books. However, not every book is welcomed in this program, so you can sell on those that are accepted.

Sell Books for Money

If you are not interested in exchanging your books, don’t worry, you can sell them for cash as well. This can be done through one of the 3 available ways.

You can either use FBA service and give the responsibility of packing and delivery to amazon or you can be a Fulfillment by merchant seller, in this case, you will have to handle storage, packing, shipping, etc. Lastly, instead of selling books to buyers you can sell them to Amazon.


If you are a book writer and want to publish and sell your books, you can use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) by Amazon. By using this service, you can have all the rights of your book.

How to Start Selling Books on Amazon?

Now that you know different ways of selling books you must be wondering how can you start selling them. To learn about it, keep on reading.

Account Creation

The first step is to make accounts. That’s right, to make a seller account, a regular account is needed and for both of these some info such as license, billing details, etc. is required.

Book Title

The next step is to list your book. You can find the title of your book from the existing categories or you can create your own.

Select Price of Book

Select a reasonable and competitive price of your book by analyzing the prices of other similar books.

Mention the Condition of Book

If your book is new you just have to select either hardcover or paperback. On the other hand, for an old book, book condition such similar to new, good, etc. has to be mentioned.

Method of shipping

It depends on which service you are using, for example, if you are using FBA, you don’t have to deal with shipping while for FBM you will be in charge of everything including shipping.

Earn Cash

Once you have listed your book successfully, you can start getting orders and earning money.


Selling books, old or new, on the best platform for selling books, that is Amazon, is not only easy but it is also a perfect way of earning some extra cash.


Can I sell used books on Amazon?

You definitely can. Whether you want to sell a new or old book, Amazon is a perfect platform for it.

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